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Name Servers

What Are Your Name Servers

Instant Restaurant Websites™ (IRW) allows you to link your new site to an existing domain name you already own or a domain name you’ve recently purchased. If you want to use your own domain name (ie., www.mywebsite.com) then you need to do two things. First, go to where ever you purchased your domain name from, and point the servers to what is listed below. Second, edit the settings on your site here and type in your new domain name. Note: This can take between 24 and 48 hours to take effect. If you need help pointing the servers to Instant Restaurant Websites™ (IRW), contact your domain provider’s support center.

  • NS1.InstantRestaurantWebsites.com
  • NS2.InstantRestaurantWebsites.com
  • NS3.InstantRestaurantWebsites.com
  • NS4.InstantRestaurantWebsites.com

How to set your name servers at Google Domains

How To Set Your Name Servers at Godaddy

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