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Website Forms

Do you want to have a form on your website? Instant Restaurant Websites™ (IRW) comes with a high-quality form system that will make it a snap to create beautiful, attractive forms.

Accessing Forms

  1. On your website admin page, click on your company name and select Dashboard.
  2. Hover or click your mouse over Forms.

Create Forms

  1. Under Forms, select New Form.
  2. Give it a title and description.
  3. Start selecting elements from the preset items on the right of the screen.

Edit Forms

  1. Under Forms, select Forms.
  2. Hover your mouse to the form you wanted to edit and select Edit.
  3. Make necessary changes. You can add and remove elements in the form depending on the type of information you will need to gather.

Access Website Entries

  1. Under Forms, select Entries.
  2. On the dropdown, select the form from where you wanted to view entries.
  3. Entries would show the form fill-outs in your website.

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